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      Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Shiquan Electronics Co., Ltd.!
      Product Categories
      Industry-leading brands
      a, self-made connectors of different specifications, customers pay like to do that day.
      b, quality management system, the Department follow the ISO9001 international quality management system developed.
      c, professional production technology to provide high quality products and services.
      It won a number of product patents
      a, it has suggested that the US Quality Standards Institute (UL) tested
      b, 2003 Nian 4 Yue achieved ISO-9001 international quality authentication certificates
      c, 2016 Nian 4 Yuefen through international certification body TUV audit verified by TUV International Certification
      Sale service system
      a, to provide customers with better quality, service and faster service
      b, according to different industries, to provide you with all kinds of solutions
      b, according to your needs, for your tailor your own unique connector
      Customer Testimonials
      Shiquan electronic connector product
      Dongguan City sincere thanks Shiquan Electronics Co., Ltd., since 2010 to cooperate for our company PACK battery connection provides a good solution, using wire-to-board connector ....
      Shiquan electronic large capacity, l
      We are doing computer accessories, in cooperation with the World rights for four years, has been very good, so I recognized most places is the product of price and quality, has bee....
      Shiquan electronic connector product
      Our company is specialized in LED light bar and tube exports, since 2010, has been connected with the product design and the right to offer the world, and have not received a bad c....
      Shiquan electronic service is good,
      Dongguan City Electronic Co., Ltd. Shiquan not only complete product specifications, quality assured services in place, especially in the field of research done particularly well, ....
      About us
      Shiquan Electronics Co., Ltd.

      Founded in 2003 as a professional manufacturer of computer terminals, including the production of computer terminals, plastic, and other artifacts, the company's quality management system, the Department follow the ISO9001 international quality management system developed and passed the TUV International certification...

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